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“I called upon Trish to guide me through writing my recent long-form memoir, after years of writing feature articles and other forms under three thousand words. Trish delivered generous hands-on editorial coaching, from beginning—urging me, gently but firmly, to get on with it—to end, helping me polish my final revisions for submission. Her tutelage has been nothing short of a one-on-one course in creative writing for the contemporary publishing landscape. With deep experience in both education and writing, Trish is an expert stylist and grammarian, an attentive editor, and most importantly, a born teacher. I could not have done better.” ~Kathleen Watt, author of memoir C Above Middle C: An Opera Singer’s Surprising Story of Battling Face Cancer (release date pending)



“Trish Wilkinson has been a godsend to my writing career! I met Trish through a mutual friend, and she truly transformed my writing style, giving me pointers, suggestions, and a gentle hand in making my writing stronger. If you’re looking for someone who is extremely thorough, very knowledgeable about the craft of writing, and someone who truly has a love for helping others, Trish Wilkinson is your person!” ~Sharon C. Cooper, Bestselling author of Rendezvous with Danger, Book 1 the Reunited Series and author of the Jenkins Family Series

“I’ve known Trish for several years and have always admired her talent and attention to detail. Her vast knowledge as an editor and writing coach have been invaluable to me. I strongly recommend Trish for any writing project. She brings her unique spirit, tenacity and special brand of passion to every project.” ~Claire Yezbak Fadden, novelist cozy mysteries, award winning syndicated columnist for Woman @ Heart

“My scenes are richer for Trish’s pointing out where to embed setting and action tags. She found small shifts in point of view that I didn’t notice and my story is clearer. I also appreciated her line editing, since she has an extensive background in English as a former teacher and really knows her subject. Trish gave me a clear, concise road-map to the changes my story needed, and I am grateful for her assistance.” ~Cate Wilborn,  YA Novelist

“Trish and I met five years ago. I was a fledgling writer who had completed the first draft of a middle grade fantasy novel only to discover I had no clue what I had gotten myself into. Over the years, I’ve looked to Trish for guidance with grammar and content, and my writing has improved immeasurably. Whether you’re a new writer or have been writing for years, Trish offers honesty and clarity in a friendly and supportive manner. I’m so glad I met her when I did. She has made all the difference in my life as a writer.” ~Deborah Rosen, Middle Grade Novelist, Life Coach for Landmark Education

Testimonials from college students:

“The advice Trish gave me for my common application main essay not only helped me best express my ambitions but has helped shape how I approach all my papers in college. Trish truly got to know me and made sure my paper properly presented my character to admissions officers. She helped turn my scattered grades into a story, and I can certainly thank her for my admittance to colleges like Reed, Berkeley, and my top choice of Swarthmore.” ~Adan León, junior Swarthmore College in PA, ranked #3 in Forbes Top 10 Colleges in the United States for 2014


“Trish has been endlessly helpful in helping me reorganize and clarify my essays, including my personal statement for the common app to apply for college. I would never have gotten to be where I am, in terms of skill level or confidence in my writing, without her.” ~Paige W., senior Williams College in MA, ranked #1 in Forbes Top 10 colleges in the United States


“In having Mrs. Wilkinson as a mentor, my writing has taken a turn to a creative side that I didn’t even know I  had. I’ve developed a voice that seems to touch people and have come to love writing mainly because of how great she was at helping me. She’s an awesome person and an awesome writer!” ~Camille Cruz, junior University of Southern California


“Trish gave me ideas for my personal statement for college applications. She also helped me organize my essay, and we revised it to the point where I realized the proper, coherent structure of words can lead to a beautiful message. She always made time to help and she would answer any doubts I had. Further, Trish is a great writer!!!” ~Elizabeth Alvarez, senior San Diego State University


“I can say with certainty that anyone would be lucky to have Mrs. Wilkinson as a writing coach. She not only pushes her students to success, she truly believes in their abilities. Mrs. Wilkinson [is] the most encouraging and talented writing teacher I have ever met.” ~Heather Wright, Southwestern College

Testimonials from young writers and the adults who care about them: 

“Mrs. Wilkinson helped me with the fourth grade writing test, and now in 8th grade, I finish all writing homework and classwork with ease.” ~Carly Scott, age 12

“I think Mrs Wilkinson is the best writing teacher ever. She let me write about real experiences that happened to me or my family.” ~Jacob Scott, age 10

“The move to Common Core has been difficult for many kids, but with writing help from Trish, mine have been doing great! They both enjoy writing now and that was not the case.  Trying to get Jacob to write more than one sentence was like pulling teeth. Now I can’t get him to stop!  I truly credit Trish for all my kids’ writing success.” ~Stacy Scott, Carly and Jacob’s mom

“Trish is cool and calm to work with … [and] I feel like I have completed something important when I finish an hour working with her, something that will be part of my study habits from now on.” ~ Aaron Rau, age 13

“I have known Trish Wilkinson for almost twenty years … [and] have referred several children to her for tutoring. Each of these children increased their writing skills, [but] most important, they have learned to love writing.  Trish knows good writing, and she has the skills to motivate … young writers.” ~Jill Green, teacher of forty years, retired

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