Adversity: Blessing or Curse? Hmmm.

I recently read MAO’S LAST DANCER, a memoir written by Li Cunxin and published in 2003. Talk about a perfect example of a Tenacity to Triumph Bad Ass! Cunxin lived in a Chinese commune during Mao’s Cultural Revolution where his family of nine practically starved to death. At age eleven, he was sent away from home to […]

A Magician’s Roadmap that We can All Use

4 Magical Strategies for Success (via Believe in Unlimited Potential As a magician, I’ve spent many enjoyable hours on stage, looking out at the faces of people in the audience. I think a magic performance is a powerful experience because it creates a view of a world where there are no…

Time May Not HEAL All Wounds, But it Helps

If you saw my last post about my disappointment in the critiques I received from an editor and a literary agent on the first fifteen pages of my novel a couple weeks ago, you know I was ready to quit writing. Obviously, that wouldn’t have been the Bad Ass thing to do, so I decided […]

P-U-S-H to Get it Done!

It’s All in the PUSH (via Let’s start from the beginning… When you learned to crawl, it required a pushing movement. You had to learn to push your knees to move yourself to another point. Then you learned to walk, same push, different position. Then you ran, you pushed further…

Being a Bad-ass Isn’t Easy

  Last Saturday, March 1, one of my favorite YA writing buddies and I met at the University of San Diego (USD) for the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Inside Children’s Books conference. After lunch, a fabulous panel of agents and editors chose the first page of my YA novel, TWO FEET, […]