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Legal Seduction – Did You Know?

Did you know that RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times Magazine) chose LEGAL SEDUCTION as one of their “Top Picks” for June 2014?!

legal seduction - book cover

Okay, so a few weeks ago, other authors started shooting me emails and inboxing me about LEGAL SEDUCTION, my debut Harlequin Kimani novel (coming June 1st). They were congratulating me because LEGAL SEDUCTION was chosen by RT as one of their “Top Picks” for June 2014. Now me, being me, didn’t have a clue to what that meant. So I shot a quick email to Candace Shaw and she’s the one who told me that RT was Romantic Times, but neither of us knew what the “Top Picks” was all about.

After receiving several emails, and a few people inboxing me via Facebook, I started to think – I need to know more about this RT thing. NOTE: That was my exact thought. Mind you, I was getting a little more excited with each email, inbox message and super excited when I talked with one of my critique partners (one of several) on the telephone who subscribes to the magazine. She’s kinda like my own personal “Hype Man”! No joke – I think she was even more excited than I was because she actually had access to a digital copy of the June 2014 magazine. Oh, but getting back to the “Hype Man” part. In hip hop, a hype man typically gets a crowd hyped up…kinda interjects here and there during a song. Well this particular critique partner is usually the person who gets me hyped up about my stories (good and sometimes not so good). I could go on and on about her. She’s the one who talks me into writing stories I had no intention of writing and quick to tell me if she likes…or if she doesn’t like something I’ve written. Lol! And she HATES the word “it” (which I use ALL the time)! Needless to say, she drives me nuts! But I can’t imagine my writing journey without her! But I digress…

So after one particular author inboxed me (my excitement even higher), I made the comment – “So this must be a big deal, because several authors have reached out to congratulate me.” I can’t remember her exact words – but it was something like – Uh…yeah! This is a big deal! Then she sent me a screen shot of the review page. For whatever reason, whenever I tried to log-on to the RT site, it would time out – not let me on. At any rate, before that day was over, several people had sent me the actual review. Here it is:

RT Review – Reviewed by B. Nakia Garner

After growing up in the foster care system, Iris Sinclair has dedicated her life to defending teens in courts. Her latest client is Tania, niece of millionaire Nash Durpree. The case brings Iris and Nash closer than either of them ever thought possible when Iris becomes the temporary guardian of Tania. While Iris tries to convince herself that she is worthy of a man’s love, Nash must decide if he’s ready to love again. Steamy sex scenes that will have you flushing with heat make this tale a must-read. The passion leaps off the pages, and readers will get lost in the romance. You won’t want to put this book down.

I thought – this person must’ve really enjoyed the book. Then I saw that it had received 4.5 stars! Of course, me being me, I wondered what I needed to do to get a full 5 stars since it sounded like the reviewer really enjoyed the story. Now this part is funny – The person who edited LEGAL SEDUCTION congratulated me and I thanked her for all of her assistance with the story. I went on to tell her that next time, we’ll see if we can get 5 stars instead of just 4.5 stars. Now those of you who are familiar with RT’s rating scale are probably laughing right about now. The editor said to me, I can’t remember her exact words, but it was someting like – actually 4.5 is the highest rating you can get. Now at this point, my excitement level was off the charts! I had to bust out with my happy dance!!

So hopefully you’ll enjoy LEGAL SEDUCTION as much as the RT reviewer did! Here’s a description of the story:

legal seduction - book cover


When it comes to desire, they’re both pleading guilty.

In the courtroom, criminal defense attorney Iris Sinclair is cool and confident.Yet, around her new client’s guardian, she loses all composure. Atlanta club owner Nash Dupree is an infamous playboy who could compromise Iris’s heart as well as her case. For once, she feels like a curvy goddess instead of a strait-laced lawyer—even if the evidence suggests what he’s looking for is strictly short-term. No matter what the tabloids claim, Nash has made his teenage niece his first priority, and without Iris’s help he’ll lose guardianship. What began as seduction, a sweet thrill, has turned into something more—now he wants Iris forever. But proving his intentions means winning her trust before his reputation drives away the only woman who has ever captivated him, body and soul…


The official release day is June 1, 2014. You can find LEGAL SEDUCTION in paperback in bookstores or purchase an e-copy. You can also pre-order through Amazon or B & N.

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Creative CEO on Her Way Up!

This blog celebrates people with the guts to take risks, figure it out along the way, and do the hard work. Laura Sinton, CEO of FreshTape®, an exciting new product that reseals and keeps food fresh, right in the bag, has a must-tell story.


Laura’s six-figure position at a Fortune 500 company got squeezed out in a merger, rendering her jobless a couple years ago. In the aftermath, she grieved the loss, and worried she wouldn’t find another high-level position in corporate America. Then her friend, Liz, annoyed she’d broken another bag clip mentioned, “Someone should invent a tape that could reseal your bags, so your food wouldn’t turn to cardboard in less than an hour.”

That night, Laura couldn’t sleep. In the morning she called Liz and said, “We should be the ones to make a tape that will reseal bags to keep food fresh. And we’ll make it cute, so people can organize their kitchens in style.”

Laura and her brother, her long-time business partner, Chuck, formed an LLC they call ACME Inventions (being huge fans of Loony Tunes and the Road Runner cartoons). Then Laura set about working with chemical engineers to develop a food-grade product that would seal food bags over and over without tearing them (the adhesive in regular tape, like masking and cello, exposes food to toxic chemicals). They also experimented to find just the right durable plastic that could be printed with a variety of awesome patterns.

In 18 months – thousands of hours and lots of Laura’s, Liz’s and Chuck’s, cash later – FreshTape® was born. It’s FDA safety compliant,FreshTape display BPA and phthalate free, recyclable, made in America, totally cool to look at, and best of all, it works! Even in the fridge and the freezer!

Bravo, Laura! Bravo!

(My food has never been fresher. I’m totally addicted to the stuff.)


Laura began seriously marketing in January. At trade shows, Freshtape® has been hailed “the next Post It Notes or Zip Lock Bags.” Early this month, out of thousands of new products, FreshTape® won a coveted “Retailers’ Choice Award” from the National Hardware Retailer’s Association. Already, 178 stores carry it across the country. As of July, Sur la Table will stock Freshtape® in over 100 stores in 27 states, and ACME Inventions is currently negotiating with a major Canadian chain.

The next challenge will be to raise funds to meet the demand for production. Shark Tank asked ACME Inventions to apply to appear on the show, but they’re still waiting to hear.


No doubt, Laura will make the most of this hurdle the way she has with all the others along this journey.


Big things are headed her way.



FreshTape logo

I can feel it.


Go Laura!


If you, or someone you know, is a bad ass and you think your story will inspire the rest of us, send an email to, and I’ll get the word out!