One Mom’s Ultimate Example

Margarita Jimenez’s father unexpectedly passed away when she was eleven years old. Her mother and three older siblings wondered how they would survive in Torreón, a desert city in Coahuila, México. Margarita remembers her own grief, but more vivid is the pain and fear of those around her. She had always known money was tight, […]

From the Pittsburgh Projects to Prosperity

Today, Nick Nixon, successful businessman, lives in Carlsbad, California in a beautiful house overlooking the ocean, but he was born in 1953 to young parents in Pittsburgh, and at times he lived in foster care. “Thankfully,” Nick says, “my extended family kept the details of my parents’ whereabouts from me – [a] gift because I never […]

Shout Out for Sharon Cooper: Writer On Her Way Up!

Legal Seduction – Did You Know? Did you know that RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times Magazine) chose LEGAL SEDUCTION as one of their “Top Picks” for June 2014?! Okay, so a few weeks ago, other authors started shooting me emails and inboxing me about LEGAL SEDUCTION, my debut Harlequin Kimani novel (coming June 1st). They were congratulating me […]

Let Go and Take Chances

Let Go to Achieve Your Dreams (via Life is about making choices. Each one of us has our own story with twists and turns, choices and opportunities. You may think you know where your story will take you. You may think you have control to direct your own path. I believe that none of […]

Obstacle or Opportunity

My husband just lost his job. The company he worked for sold to a competitor, and unless the vice president of the larger company gets hit by a bus, there won’t be a position available under the new ownership. One of the former bosses, who shares in the purchase price of a few hundred-million dollars, […]

A Magician’s Roadmap that We can All Use

4 Magical Strategies for Success (via Believe in Unlimited Potential As a magician, I’ve spent many enjoyable hours on stage, looking out at the faces of people in the audience. I think a magic performance is a powerful experience because it creates a view of a world where there are no…

Time May Not HEAL All Wounds, But it Helps

If you saw my last post about my disappointment in the critiques I received from an editor and a literary agent on the first fifteen pages of my novel a couple weeks ago, you know I was ready to quit writing. Obviously, that wouldn’t have been the Bad Ass thing to do, so I decided […]

P-U-S-H to Get it Done!

It’s All in the PUSH (via Let’s start from the beginning… When you learned to crawl, it required a pushing movement. You had to learn to push your knees to move yourself to another point. Then you learned to walk, same push, different position. Then you ran, you pushed further…

Sharon C Cooper Gets it Done

Congratulations to Page-a-Day Writer, Sharon C. Cooper, weaver of romance extraordinaire! Her newest book, Legal Seduction, will be released June 1 by Kimani Romance, a subsidiary of Harlequin, but you can preorder a paperback or e-book at this very moment! Get a sneak peek at the storyline on her blog, “Just Thinking…”. A couple years […]