Trish’s editing services ensure you can:

  • Self-publish a polished manuscript you can be truly proud of.
  • Send your requested manuscript to an agent or publisher with confidence.
  • Submit professional-level articles to journals and magazines to raise your odds of publication.
  • Upload a rockin’ personal statement on the Common App website to apply for colleges.
  • Turn in a grammatically correct, properly-formatted essay or term paper to earn the best possible grade.

Next available date for editing a full-length manuscript (60,000 words or more) is September 17, 2018.

What kind of editing do you need?


Proofreading: corrects misspellings, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, abbreviations, and chapter headings in accordance with The Chicago Manuel of Styleconsidered the standard in the industry.


Copy-editing: includes proofreading (above) as well as corrects grammar, sentence structure, and word repetition; manuscript is formatted to destination guidelines (publication, agency, or instructor specifications)



Content Edit/Coaching: a developmental edit to create a solid, consistent story structure, enrich your scenes, and flesh-out the people who populate your fiction or nonfiction manuscript to take your work to an entirely new level


Content Edit Includes:


  • An overhaul of your first chapter to use as an example for the remainder of your manuscript; that is, the concrete “how to” for showing rather than telling including:
    • using active verbs rather than passive forms of be (is,was,were, etc)
    • creating mental pictures within the context of action rather than paragraphs of description
    • the art of using action tags versus dialogue tags in conversations, so readers can “see the scene”
    • words to delete to tighten your writing
    • using subtext to stimulate intrigue and curiosity in your readers
    • clarifying the goal(s) for the scene or chapter
    • structuring your first chapter or scene with a clear conflict, a beginning, middle, and an ending that makes the reader want to turn the page to read the next chapter
  • A thorough read of the entire manuscript with advice on how to flesh out characters and scenes, resolve inconsistencies, and make sure your story structure incorporates all the components necessary for a compelling read from the first to the final page
    • Comments in bubbles throughout the manuscript will guide you through the revision process
    • You’ll also receive a printed report with general guidelines and chapter-by-chapter advice.
  • A follow-up personal meeting or Skype call to go over all of your materials and answer any questions you might have
  • An open-ended invitation to email additional questions that may arise later during your revision


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