Services are available in person and online (via Skype and email).


Instruction Rates (Coaching):


  • $50/hour for individual coaching sessions for fiction and nonfiction writers
  • Get a buddy to come along, and each pays $25 for the hour.
  • Add two more participants and each pays $15/hour. (Groups are limited to four to meet individual needs).


  • Write-to-Win Workshops for teachers or writers range from $200 to $500 depending on workshop length, number of sessions, materials, and distance from Deschutes County in Central Oregon. (Note: I love to travel. )


Editing Rates:


  • Proofreading: corrects punctuation, capitals, misspellings, abbreviations, tenses, plurals, verb agreement
    • full-length manuscript (60,000 words or more) $2.00/page, max. 250 words/page
    • articles, short stories, essays  – $50.00 to $100.00 depending on length  


  • Line Editing (includes proofreading, plus grammar and mechanics, resolves word repetitions) rates begin at $3.00/page for a full-length book (60,000 words or more). Short stories, articles, essays, and academic studies are negotiated on a per-piece basis, depending on length and estimated amount of time to edit.


  • Content Editing (organization, voice, structure, character development, dialogue, word choice, etc.) also begins at $3.00/ page for a full-length book (60,000 words or more) and is negotiated for short stories.


  • Editing for academic essays and studies for publication begins at $100.


  • Editing a Personal Statement to apply for colleges is $100 – includes editing and two hours of coaching.


  • Editing student essays for high school and college assignments is $100 – includes editing and two hours of coaching, so students may improve their writing skills overall.


Online clients submit payments via PayPal.


Call (619) 647-5559, email:, or leave a message below, and Trish will get back to you for a free consultation.

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