I charge $30 per hour for editing, which includes a combination of editing and coaching.

I’ve found that I can’t seem to do an edit without coaching writers on how to improve their pieces and doing more than one pass. The good news is that I have a great track record for getting writers published traditionally as well as helping authors turn out excellent self-published books. By the time we finish working on your manuscript, you’ll find you’ve acquired some exciting new skills.

Savvy, experienced authors’ manuscripts take less time to edit, and the hourly rate allows them to pay a fair fee, rather than the same rate as less experienced writers.

My next available time slot for editing a full-length manuscript (60,000 words or more) is June 1, 2018.

(If you have an essay or short story, usually I can fit those in sooner. They give me a nice break while completing longer projects.)

Types of Editing


  • Proofreading includes correcting punctuation, capitals, misspellings, abbreviations, tenses, plurals, and verb agreement.


  • Line Editing includes proofreading, plus grammar and mechanics, and resolves word repetitions.


  • Content Editing (also called developmental editing) includes organization, voice consistency, story structure, plot, character development, exterior and interior conflicts, how to “flesh out” scenes, dialogue, word choice, subtext, subplots, and how to tap into readers’ emotions to keep them hooked to the last page.


  • Editing for academic essays and studies for publication includes proper formatting for prose and citations, refining organization and language for clarity, and coaching on how to write letters to editors to consider your work for publication.


  • Editing a Personal Statement to apply for colleges  – $100, includes editing and two hours of coaching, so clients may improve their writing skills in the process.


  • Editing student essays for high school and college assignments – $100, includes editing and two hours of coaching, so students may improve their writing skills in the process.


Online clients may submit payments via PayPal.


Write-to-Win! workshops start at $300, depending on workshop length, number of sessions, materials, and distance from Deschutes County in Central Oregon.

Writing Craft Workshops:

  • The Magic of Setting: How to “flesh out” scenes
  • How to Write an Engaging Memoir
  • The How-to for “Show Don’t Tell”
  • How to Write a Compelling Short Story or Essay and Get It Published
  • The Balancing Act of Writing: How to include the optimal amount of description, movement, dialogue and action tags to create a compelling story readers won’t want to put down
  • Pulling the Readers’ Heart Strings: How to spark emotion in your readers to keep them coming back for more

Note: I love to travel! 🙂 If you have an idea for another subject area, let’s talk.

Call (619) 647-5559, email: Trish@write-to-win.com, or leave a message below, and I’ll get back to you for a free consultation.

Best wishes for your success,

Trish Wilkinson

2 thoughts on “Rates

  1. Thank you for your editorial advice and commentary during the May COWG meeting of this year. I would appreciate a general idea of cost for editing a series of short stories compiled into book form. Total word count is approximately 35,000 words on approximately 140 pages. Any estimation would be very helpful.

    Again, thank you for attending the COWG meeting and for any input concerning my request.


    1. Hey, Lawrence, for some reason, I didn’t get an alert about your comment and just discovered it. I generally charge by the hour for short stories as the author and I often go back and forth until we get each piece as strong as it can be. If you would like more information, send an email to trish@write-to-win.com or call me (619) 647-5559.

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